3rd December 2017

Public Events

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Future Learning Lab Public Events

Aside from our project and public workshops, the key annual event organized by the Future Learning Lab is our annual World Learning Summit. Hosted by the University of Agder on the Kristiansand Campus, WLS is typically held in late May or early June each year. The event draws attendees from about 15-20 countries. Past keynote speakers include Google´s chief scientist Peter Norvig, former Pink Floyd manager Peter Jenner, former CEO of Creative Commons Cathy Casserly and Joseph Press – strategic research adviser at the Center for Creative Leadership.

World Learning Summit combines front-line research keynotes with a wide range of topical research presentation workshops, as well as in-practice innovations and entrepreneurial maker-workshops. Our model has been consistent since 2010, adding new features every year. As of 2017, WLS also includes accredited Summit Proceedings.

As a general rule, FLL runs at least one Silicon Valley workshop every year, typically during winter. Like the WLS, these are announced separately on our blog, at our Events page, and for WLS also on autonomous websites as well as newsletter circulations.