29th January 2015

Digital Means of Learning

Globe broad
Norgesuniversitetet, project period 2013-2016

Starting in 2013, a project consortium based in three institutions obtained funds from the Norwegian Network University (Norgesuniversitetet) to run a pilot project to establish a set of learning tools for students in teachers training College Education nationwide. The project group consists of colleagues from Norwegian School of Business at BI Learning Lab, University College of Telemark, and Agder University — all in Norway. A practical project in orientation, what we seek to do is to define 9 “stories” or “lessons” for students in teachers training programs on the issues and possibilities in “the emergent digital learning landscapes”.

A key component in the project is to collect emerging stories from our own university and college settings, on how particular instructors and teachers employ flipped classroom strategy, project networking, situated learning and other elements of a media-rich pedagogy. Films we produce are added to films produced by others. Quizzes, stories, examples and readings are collected for a nation-wide audience, to be presented at the annual NUV conference at project´s end, in 2016.

The project has its own web presence, but in Norwegian.
Project videos under construction as of 2015 
The NUV Project Network Demo – Found Here. 

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