24th January 2015

Future Learning 20 / 20


Future Learning Lab began building a consortium of university and industry stakeholders in 2014 to propose a Europe-wide joint project on Future Learning  – Europe. A key focus on that proposal is the challenge of adapting to the availability and relevance of MOOCs for universities and colleges seeking integration and change. The process offers substantial upsides, but also carriers with it a range of risks. In our project we particularly look at the future of 2nd and 3rd tier universities and colleges in the wake of a globalizing MOOC and online course presence.

This project is getting its own website with some open resources. A workshop will be held on May 28th,  for the consortium members visiting our May Summit. Key consortium members come from Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, UK, and Germany. Consultative members come from the US and South Africa. The project will likely be anchored at the University of Essen in Germany, in the event that we succeed.

More information will be posted on this website as soon as we are up and running with the new 20015 version. Please stay with us.

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