13th May 2016

EdCast – Future Learning Research Initiative


EdCast – Future Learning Research Initiative

Inviting collaborators:
Setting up a European Collaborative MOOCSs and Microlearning initative

  1. Joint project to solicit European research on MOOCs and micro-learning frameworks
  2. Building a European MOOC research network: Learning at scale, challenges and opportunities
  3. Incorporating Nordics, and incorporating Baltic stakeholders
  4. Philosophies of learning@scale
  5. Other
To pursue themes such as:
  1. Issues of access
  2. Issues of mobility
  3. Issues of integration and participation
  4. Emergent education realities in Europe
  5. New orientations in the digital learning ecology
  • EdCast and Future Learning Lab seeking European partners to set up a virtual research center
  • Annual conference meetings •• Annual workshops, located in network member countries
  • Working, global MOOC platform available through EdCast Future Learning Lab knowledge Cloud
  • Open to pursuit and explorations of other MOOC platform providers
  • Critical and comparative research on conditions and standards of MOOCs and micro-learning/bit-size learning
  • Seeking European partners for a Europe-wide initiative with global reach and ambition


To be developed at the World Learning Summit, South Norway, June 2016