9th December 2017


Projects Overview

Digitales: Case analyses of education´s transition to media-rich learning


Education institutions are faced with challenges to transit into a digital knowledge economy where media ubiquity is the norm, constant information flow a fact, and student access to learning materials more encompassing that at any time in human history. How does the omnipresence of digital information and data pose challenge for higher education? And how does it affect the University of Agder in particular? Questions such as these form the backbone of this pilot study. A serie of qualitative in-depth interviews are carried through with academic staff, administrative staff and students.

The basis for the project is an earlier study i collaboration with several other university colleges, intended to elicit new insights in regard to academic teaching staff and their reflection on transiting to a "flipped classroom" mode of teaching. Building on about 20 videos, this project develops an in-depth qualitative interview guide, conducted through personal meetings, with the intent to prepare a larger quantitative survey of the same theme as a follow-up main study. 

Interviews are carried out by project researchers, transcribed and reported progressively. A final report is planned for late spring 2018. Principal investigator is Ubaid Rehman. Project leader is Oddgeir Tveiten. A planned main project will be organized with a more encompassing team. 

Project members

Sven Åke Bjørke • Donna Kidwell •  Vidar Mortensen • Ubaid Rehman • Eilif Trondsen • Oddgeir Tveiten


Project framework

Pilot project funding provided for qualitative interviews and case reporting; ongoing. A main study is being planned. 


2018 - pilot study and proposal work for a main project.