Can e-learning bridge the educational gap?

Athol Wesserlink © Open Web

Athol Wesserlink
© Open Web

The recent announcement by the Gauteng provincial government to initiate a paperless classroom project as well as the Western Cape government’s commitment to spend R1.2-billion to implement e-learning in 1 250 local schools, is a big step towards bridging the education gap in South Africa, according to Athol Wesselink, Chief Technical Engineer at OpenWeb. Wesselink says that poor education outcomes may be remedied by the implementation of e-learning, which will hopefully see all public-schools connected to the internet and students provided with tablets and other electronic devices.

“The use of technology to support education will not only enhance pupil’s access to quality tutorials and learning material, but will also develop their digital savvy and computer literacy – a skill that has become increasingly vital when entering the national workforce.”

From the source Open Web

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