UiA forsker om kunstig intelligens

Hvordan påvirker digitaliseringen hverdagslivet vårt? Les UiA forsker Morten Goodwins kronikk på www.forskning.no – her er åpningen: / “Da minibanker ble innført på slutten av 70-tallet, var de både billigere og bedre enn bankansatte. Ingen med vettet i behold vil i dag kreve minibanker fjernet for å få flere funksjonærer i arbeid. Det minibanken gjorde[…]

A teacher, a learner; do you have a story to tell?

Future Learning Lab Partners with EdCast to Launch Global Educator Teach‐A‐Thon Competition to award grand prize of $100,000 to inspire educators to share their knowledge in 10 min. SAN DIEGO, April 19, 2016 – Future Learning Lab has partnered with EdCast to announce the launch of the Global Educator Teach‐A‐Thon, a new annual competition for[…]

Open registration for the 2016 summit

Registration is now open for the June 13-16th 2016 World Learning Summit. As announced at the Stanford 2015 summit close in May 2015, the summit in 2016 promises to be an equally wide-ranging event, with high-level keynote speakers and intens interactions. Please find information about the event here: www.wls.futurelearningab.org We are very happy to announce[…]

Future Learning Lab opens Knowledge Cloud

Starting August 2015, Future Learning Lab will begin actively pursuing bitesized content interaction and complete course delivery in our new knowledge cloud enabled by EdCast. There is a long story behind this, but the short version is simple: It was only when we found EdCast that we began to have any serious thought that we actually[…]

Jeppe Bundsgaard returns to Future Learning Lab

In a different life, professor Jeppe Bundsgaard worked with some of us in the Future Learning Lab to establish Contact Education as a story-telling pedagogical tool — and we did well together…. However, as life takes over and projects emerge that also take us elsewhere, paths part. In 2015 we´re lucky to have professor Bundsgaard back with us[…]