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Our focus

Future Learning Lab is a research group, a network and an event organiser. Our focus is on the ongoing digital transformation of education and learning across the spectrum of school, work, culture, media and leisure. We take on comparative research, consultancy work., digital course development, workshops and conferences. Our main annual event is the World Learning Summit, an event that by 2018 has been attended by peers from 30 countries.




About US

Future Learning Lab in a few short sentences.
Our story

FUTURE LEARNING LAB was established at the University of Agder in 2010. Our main goal was to create a meeting arena where researchers across the range of university disciplines could meet to learn from each other on matters dealing with the digital transformation of education and learning. We have worked through a number of research projects, while at the same time setting up a viable arena for workshops and conferences on a regular basis. Our workshops and conferences also cater to entrepreneurs, teachers and others who share our basic interest in the future of learning. Our second 5-year plan began in 2015 with an inaugural conference at Stanford University. Since 2016 our conferences have introduced world-leading speakers within a format of open collaboration and networking. In 2018 we established THE NORDIC FUTURE LEARNING NETWORK, in order to contribute to the inter-Nordic and international dialog in the field.

  • National FLL members

    Future Learning Lab has about 12-15 national research members, depending on projects at any one given time. Our work is produced within the facuyltires of science, humanist and pedagogy studies, social science and the faculty of arts.

  • International members

    International FLL members come from Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Netherlands and USA currently.

  • Advisory board

    FLL´s advisory board has members from five countries, and from key institutions. The advisory board is consulted on matters related to long term planning of our agenda.

  • Editorial board

    Future Learning Lab publishes proceedings from the annual conference World Learning Summit. For this and other publishing qualification purposes, an editorial board has been set up. Currently, it consists of most members from the advisory board, key researchers in the network and a number of specially invited subject matter experts.

Our Team

Our research team at the University of Agder. For the entire team, please refer to our About Us menu above.
Oddgeir Tveiten
Donna K. Kidwell
Vidar Mortensen
Geir Cr. Johannessen
Vito Laterza
Alexandra Lazareva
Maurice Ghislain Isabwe


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